Career growth is real at PPG. As a unified global company, we offer boundless opportunities to advance, move laterally, work in different businesses or regions, change functions or flourish in your current role. Our strategy is to build talent from within, fully leveraging the knowledge, expertise and shared relationships of the people who are already part of our team.

We’ll fulfill your desire to learn and grow.

PPG’s success is built on a culture of continuous learning. We invest in structured development programs that support career advancement and provide pathways to realize it. Employees are encouraged to learn and grow in their current roles and prepare for new challenges and opportunities.

  • To ensure that you are always on the leading edge of your field, we offer classroom, on-the-job and online learning, as well as support informal learning through mentoring and networking.
  • Many employees attend conferences and continue their education with our support.
  • Our internal job posting program announces worldwide career opportunities to all employees. You can apply across functional areas, business units and locations for any job for which you are qualified.

We’ll help you develop your personal strengths.

PPG offers yearly talent reviews and assessment tools to help you understand your needs and fill training gaps. Our goal is to pinpoint individual strengths and develop your unique skills so that you can reach your full potential and contribute to our success.

  • Within production and manufacturing, training takes place locally and is often unique to your business and position.
  • For managers and functional leaders, we offer best-in-class training and structured development programs and specific career ladders.
  • PPG also has a core curriculum for all employees, with topics on leadership, business acumen, communications, creativity and innovation, and management.

We’ll encourage your leadership potential.

Our succession management process helps us identify and prepare high-potential employees to take the next step in their careers. We work with achievers to create robust strategies that are targeted to both the individual’s and the organization’s goals.

  • PPG’s nomination programs focus on accelerating the readiness of key employees for leadership positions in the businesses or in the functions.
  • If you are selected for a specific career track, you will be provided with programs to develop you for the next level within your region or business unit.
  • You may also be offered specific training, attend meetings or be exposed to a variety of internal and external learning opportunities.