Meet some of our innovators

Read stories of some of the innovations in which our employees have played a personal role.

PPG employee testimonial, Global Process Engineer, Christine


Global Process Engineer
Mojave, California

At PPG, I am given the freedom and financial backing to explore new technologies to bring positive changes to current processes. I served as project lead and process development engineer for development of a lightweight filler, with the freedom to make a trial product, visit equipment vendors and run equipment trials. We moved from lab scale to bench-top process into full production scale, with the outcome being a state-of-the-art lean manufacturing line for the new product.

PPG employee testimonial, Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Philippa


Engineering and Maintenance Manager
Clayton, Australia

The engineering and maintenance department is the central point for equipment innovation. The resin team ran a rapid improvement workshop on a resin for which we make over 200 batches a year. With the ideas of each member of the team and through the use of a value stream map, we were able to reduce not only the cycle time by 15 percent, but also reduce the waste water by 5 percent. Everyone was able to contribute in positive manner and the outcome spoke for itself.

PPG employee testimonial, Market Manager, Robin


Market Manager
Brussels, Belgium

PPG had the opportunity to bid on business for a drive-shaft manufacturer that supplied to Honda. I acted as the conduit to the customer to get technical specifications, translate them into English and work with our technical groups in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. We took an existing Industrial Coatings product and made formula modifications. The formula was transferred for manufacturing at PPG in Canada and trials were held at the customer site to optimize product performance. The supplier still uses this product 15 years later as the approved underbody coating for Honda drive-shafts.

PPG employee testimonial, Production Manager, Clifford


Production Manager
East Point, Georgia

As an intern, I helped develop a high vacuum batch distillation process for chemicals known as OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes). OLEDs allow cell phones and other portable electronic devices to have sharper, deeper colors and displays. My objective was to develop and perfect the processing needed to isolate the OLED material from impurities in a predictable and consistent manner. I was able to present my findings on how to optimize the batch distillation process, as well as recommend a unit that could further automate the process and significantly reduce costs.

PPG Industries enhances more surfaces in more ways than any other company. We’re known for our development of leading-edge technologies, achieved through the efforts of individuals around the world and across our many business enterprises.

We offer many ways to share innovative ideas.

Our culture of innovation is strong, with multiple platforms for employees to offer ideas and significant recognition for recommendations that come to fruition. PPG shares innovation through internal communications platforms such as email and our intranet. We also have global cross-group meetings and a yearly technology forum that highlights innovations and educates employees about current strategies and technologies. Our global technical leadership council meets regularly to ensure collaboration around the world.

We recognize the people who deliver innovation.

PPG has multiple programs to recognize and reward innovation. Each has a different focus, but they all demonstrate how committed we are to encouraging creativity and achievement.

PPG President’s Award for Technical Achievement: This award is made to individuals or groups who have contributed to our success through commercial products.

PPG Innova Award: Created to recognize and reward front-end innovation and early idea generation, this award is bestowed every other year. Winning teams are recognized in various ways by the PPG leadership team.

PPG Collegium: Employees who have demonstrated sustained contributions to the technical advancement of the company for over a period of 10 years are elected to the Collegium, where they continue their important work.

PPG Corporate Fellow: The highest rung on the scientific and engineering career ladders at PPG, Corporate Fellows are selected for having developed dominant technologies with significant commercial impact.